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Compliance Tools
Use our convenient compliance tools to help your firm meet regulatory requirements.

Our compliance tools come in many forms, including templates, checklists and directories. These optional tools may assist member firms with:

  • Fulfilling their regulatory obligations;
  • Implementing written supervisory procedures (WSPs); and
  • Tailoring their policies and procedures to reflect their size, business model and regulatory needs.

Using these tools does not guarantee compliance with, or create any safe harbor with, respect to FINRA rules, the federal securities laws or state laws, or other applicable federal or state regulatory requirements. These tools do not create any new legal or regulatory obligations for firms or other entities.

FINRA periodically reviews and updates these tools. FINRA reminds member firms to stay apprised of new or amended laws, rules and regulations, and update their WSPs and compliance programs on an ongoing basis.

Member firms seeking additional guidance on regulatory obligations should review the relevant FINRA Topic Pages .

Membership Application Program (MAP) Tools

MAP has developed an early firm meeting process for Applicants to facilitate a more efficient application process for new member applications (NMAs) and continuing member applications (CMAs). In addition to the tools below, Applicants are encouraged to contact MAP Staff for a pre-filing discussion of the proposed NMA or CMA and the attendant business plan. Applicants should engage the early firm meeting process prior to filing an application. To do so, Applicants should contact MAP Staff at (212) 858-4000 (Option 5 – Membership Applications) or by email .

File Naming Guidelines
This list of guidelines helps applicants name documents submitted to MAP as part of their Form New Member Applications (NMAs) and Continuing Member Applications (CMAs).

Checklist for Organizational Change
This tool helps firms prepare for preparing an application for or Form Continuing Member Application (CMA), including the relevant standards and their related documentation and information that an applicant may inadvertently overlook when submitting the application.

Funding Portal Checklist
This checklist helps applicants prepare and submit information in connection with their Form FP-NMA (Funding Portal – New Member Application) or Form FP-CMA (Funding Portal – Continuing Member Application) and summarizes basic information that may be required in order for staff to begin a meaningful review.

Private Placement Checklist
This checklist helps applicants prepare and submit information and documentation for FINRA Form New Member Application (NMA) or Form Continuing Member Application (CMA) regarding new private placement business, including basic information FINRA staff may ask them to submit in order to begin a meaningful review and to aid the applicant in understanding the information and documentation needed as part of the application process.

Mapping of Disclosure Categories for FINRA Rule 1017(a)(7)
This table helps firms determine whether they must file a Form CMA or engage in a materiality consultation pursuant to FINRA Rule 1017(a)(7).

WSP Checklists

Review these WSP Checklists to evaluate your firm’s compliance program across all relevant regulatory obligations for broker-dealers, Capital Acquisition Brokers (CABs) and Funding Portal (FPs)

Firm Operations Tools


  • Core Cybersecurity Threats and Effective Controls for Small Firms
    This tool helps small firms enhance their customer information protection, and cybersecurity WSPs and related controls by (1) highlighting common categories of cybersecurity threats; (2) providing a summary of core controls; and (3) listing relevant terms and additional resources.
  • Cybersecurity Checklist
    This checklist helps small firms establish and evaluate their data protection policies and controls.

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime

  • Anti-Money Laundering Template
    The template provides text examples, instructions, relevant rules, websites and other resources that help small firms develop an AML compliance program plan.

Restricted Firms

  • FINRA Gateway FINRA Rule 4111 Compliance Tool
    This tool will provide, as they are issued, reports of: (1) the annual calculation of whether the member firm met the Preliminary Criteria for Identification, including its Preliminary Identification Metrics, as of the Evaluation Date for a given year; and (2) interim calculations as of an Evaluation Date for that given year. To access the FINRA Rule 4111 Compliance Tool, users need an account in FINRA Gateway.

Other Tools

  • Exchange Act Rule 17a-4 Amendments Chart
    The SEC amended Rule 17a-4 on October 12, 2022 to modify the requirements regarding the maintenance and preservation of electronic records, the use of third-party recordkeeping services to hold records, and the prompt production of records. This chart summarizes the most significant changes.
  • Books and Records Requirements Checklist for Broker Dealers
    This checklist includes some of the books and records broker-dealers are required to create and retain in accordance with Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. •
  • Firm Renewal Report Job Aid
    This job aid helps firms determine the annual renewal fees charged per registered individual as listed on the Renewals – Firm Renewal Report and Download.

Communications and Sales Tools


  • Breakpoints Checklist and Worksheet
    This checklist and worksheets helps firms evaluate their breakpoint compliance programs to determine whether they are capturing all relevant categories of information.
  • Mutual Fund Breakpoint Refund Interest Calculator
    The Mutual Fund Breakpoint Refund Interest Calculator has been retired. Inquiries may be sent to John Veator via email .

Other Tools

Market Integrity Tools

CAT Onboarding Checklist
This checklist helps small firms with the CAT onboarding process and provides deadlines and additional resources.

Report Center
This resource provides firms with secure access to data and reports that help firms detect potential compliance problems.

Compliance Calendar
Review the calendar for upcoming deadlines and events.

FINRA News and Notifications

Weekly Update Email Archive
Review past versions of the FINRA Weekly Update and check out our other email subscriptions, including notifications of regulatory information and updates, including new speeches, news releases, announcements and publications.

Regulatory News Feed and Email Subscription Services
Review and subscribe to all relevant news feed and email subscriptions for FINRA, SEC and other regulators.

Industry and Other External Resources

Peer-2-Peer Compliance Library
This resource shares compliance tools developed by FINRA-registered firms.

Compliance Vendor Directory
This directory allows firms to search for vendors offering compliance-related services, such as consulting and surveillance.  FINRA does not endorse or recommend any vendors in CVD.

Questions about Compliance Tools

FINRA provides compliance resources to member firms. Contact FINRA Support Center at (301) 590-6500 or by email .

Requests for Interpretive Guidance

FINRA's Office of General Counsel (OGC) staff provides broker-dealers, attorneys, registered representatives, investors and other interested parties with interpretative guidance relating to FINRA’s rules. Please see Interpreting the Rules for more information.


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