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Personal Finance

It's important to know what you want to accomplish with your investments before you actually invest. Learn how to set your financial goals, get a handle on your cash flow, control spending, manage debt and get on the path to saving and investing.

Take a Smart Investing Course

Taking one of FINRA’s Smart Investing Courses can help you expand your knowledge of key investing topics. Learn more .

Set Your Investment Goals

Just as in other aspects of your life, setting financial goals is a tried-and-true way to reach those goals. Learn more .

Know Your Net Worth

Creating a net worth statement and updating it each year will help you monitor your financial progress and meet financial goals. Learn more .

Control Your Spending

Calculating your monthly cash flow will help you evaluate your present financial status so you know where you stand financially as you prepare to invest. Learn more .

Manage Your Debt

As you prepare to invest, take stock of your current debts and learn how to manage them effectively. Learn more .

Understand Your Credit Score

Each individual has their own credit score, but many people do not know about the credit scoring system and how it impacts them. Learn more .

Start an Emergency Fund

If something unexpected happens to you, having the money you need to pay your bills will help to keep you out of debt. Learn more .

Manage Your Retirement Income

Knowing how to manage your retirement income wisely can help you meet your financial needs for years to come. Learn more.